Stop Comparing and Start Living

Feeling down after a Facebook binge? You’re not alone. Facebook is a great tool for connecting with others and sharing life with those that distance would have previously made impossible. Use it to connect, don’t use it to compare.

I don’t know about you, but my Facebook feed is my highlight reel. No one likes to hear negative news, that’s why you’ll only hear positive stuff from me. That also means you don’t hear the negative stuff in my life. Times of discouragement and failure don’t make my public news feed. That doesn’t mean that failure and discouragement don’t happen.

When we view other people’s outside world and compare it to our inside world we will always be left wanting. That’s a terrible way to live life. It’s also a terrible way to make decisions.

So whether you are taking stock of your life in general or making a huge decision like buying a house, remember to leave other people’s lives out of it.

It’s your life, live it well so you can buywelltoday for a very successful tomorrow.