Keep it Between The Beacons in 2016

Keep it between the beacons in 2016

Lessons to be learned from a shaky market

The market drastically fell today for the third time in three days. It’s hard not to PANIC as the unknown seems so scary.   Here’s my advice as we ride this thing out together: KEEP YOUR EMOTIONS BETWEEN THE BEACONS!!!

The stock market, just like the housing market, is driven by two forces: FEAR and GREED. When the market goes up we get greedy and want more. When the market falls like it did today, we get fearful and sell our position. The successful man in every part of his life rejects these two positions. He doesn’t panic when things are bad. He doesn’t over buy when things are good. He keeps his decisions between the beacons.

If you are in a position to buy or sell a home this year, make sure that you keep your emotions between the beacons. Don’t be compelled to buy or sell because of what you see the market doing. Find out what house fits YOUR situation best. Make sure your not too greedy and fall prey to a down market. Make sure your not too fearful and miss out on some awesome opportunities.

Keep it between the beacons and Buy Well Today for a very successful tomorrow.