Selling Your House This Fall

The leaves are falling and so are your hopes of getting your house sold before that long cold winter ahead. Here’s some tips on selling your house before Old Man Winter freezes the market.

1. CONTROL YOUR LEAVES. Those beautiful trees that shade your lawn in the summer tend to look like a big headache to home buyers come Fall. Make sure you regularly keep your yard free of leaves. That also means the leaves in your beds that have been there since last fall!

2. DECORATE FOR THE SEASON. Fall brings with it a cozy feeling. Make sure when people enter your house they get that feeling. Put out a pumpkin or two on the front porch. Accent the inside of your home with some simple fall foliage decorations.

America is crazy about pumpkin spice, and for good reason. Set a few Pumpkin Spice candles throughout your house just prior to any showings you receive. Make those perspective buyers feel like your home is a little slice of heaven.

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